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Command Line for Synei products

Written by: Synei - 3/30/2013 in user-guide

Synei - Command Line Parameters

Many companies/users love the idea of being able to run applications from command line (CMD). It helps achieve certain tasks much easier, such as, being able to clean 100 computers with a single script.

We aim for flexibility; we want to help create these tasks faster and hassle free. That is the exact reason why all of our products support command line parameters.

We support a variety of command lines parameters, which can be used from command prompt, batch files, or a script.

Example Usage:

DiskCleaner.exe <Parameters>
DiskCleaner.exe –scannow –normal –autoclose
StartupManager.exe -optimizenow -uc

General Commands:

  • -scannow : Performs an analysis task and displays the result of the analysis (You won’t be able to see if it’s in hidden mode).
  • -autoclose : Automatically closes the application after a certain task is completed.
  • -hide : Does not show the main window. It will be hidden.

Please do not use the –hide command without the –autoclose, or the program may be stuck in memory.

DiskCleaner.exe (Synei Disk Cleaner):

  • -cleannow : Performs a cleaning operation.
  • -normal : Performs the scan in Normal Mode (Less aggressive than Full Mode).
  • -full : Performs the scan in Full Mode.
  • -wdc : Runs Windows Disk Cleaner alongside Synei Disk Cleaner.
  • -sd : Performs Secure Deletion (Slower).

StartupManager.exe (Synei Startup Manager):

  • -optimizenow : Performs the optimization task.
  • -uc : Optimize programs that are categorized as User Choice.
  • -ucDisable : Does not optimize User Choice field.
  • -nn : Optimize programs that are categorized as Not Needed.
  • -nnDisable : Does not optimize Not Needed field.
  • -df : Optimize programs that are categorized as Should Disable.
  • -dfDisable : Does not optimize Should Disable field.

ServiceManager.exe (Synei Service Manager):

  • -optimizenow : Performs the optimization task.
  • -db : Restores Windows services settings back to their default value.
  • -nb : Performs a Normal Optimization(Less aggressive than Maximum Optimization).
  • -mb : Performs a Maximum Optimization.

TuneUP.exe (Synei Tune UP):

  • -default : Restores registry settings back to the default value.
  • -optimizenow : Performs an optimization task.
  • -nosystem : Don’t Optimize System registry settings.
  • -internet: Optimizes Internet Settings (May cause stability issues on some).

You are also allowed to call/execute Synei program within your own programs.
To learn how to do so, you may look at our Source Code available here.


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