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Translate Synei Products

Written by: Synei - 9/11/2013 in user-guide

Translate Synei System utilities

We are happy to announce that Synei System Utilities will now support multiple languages.

Do you know English and another language? Then why not help us translate our product? We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to help us translate our products into their native language. For helping us, we will do the followings for you:

1. Send you a free 1-year license key to System Utilities Premiere.

2. Include your name on our “About” page and “Acknowledgment” section of our website.


How to Translate?

*** Before starting the translation, you should send us an E-mail first to make sure we don't already have a translation for your language yet.

We’ve created a simple tool that you could use to translate our product.

Download: Synei Language Translator



1. Extract the downloaded file and open “LanguageTranslater.exe”.

2. Fill in your Author Name, Author Email, and Translated language.

3. Write your translation on the “Translated Message” section.

         ** If you see items such as {0} or {1}, please be sure to add them on the translated message.

4. Click “Save” when you are finished translating all the messages. Please save your file on a secured location that you can access later.

5. Send us that translated file on our E-mail (Support at Synei.com).

What’s next?
We will review your translated file and include it on our next version release of System Utilities.
We would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers for all their help!


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User Icon Jarek 1/21/2017
I would like to ask for a translation into Czech.
User Icon luigi maurizio viscaf%C3%A8 1/15/2017
puoi tradurre in italiano?%0A
User Icon marek 9/13/2015
I would like to ask for a translation into Polish
User Icon moshe 10/31/2014
Hebrwe pliz
User Icon Lages Michel 9/3/2014
Hello, I can translate in french language.Are you interested? Bonjour, Je peux traduire en franais. Etes vous intress? Bye, Au revoir. Michel.
User Icon Milan ernk 5/30/2014
je tento program i v etin ?Dkuji
User Icon ice-wind 5/28/2014
Translated Lanuage: Chinese-Traditional, and i come from www.ice-wind.com
User Icon Ren 4/5/2014
Per favore la traduzione in italiano, grazie.
User Icon Jarek 2/13/2014
Translation in czech langage existing ?
User Icon Maciej kotleszka 2/12/2014
I would like to ask for a translation into Polish
User Icon Caprini Grard 1/13/2014
I can translate in french if you still need it
User Icon jacques 10/25/2013
y a t'il un version en franais svp k merci d'avance
User Icon Faarue 10/18/2013
Translation in french langage existing ?
User Icon Michele Monaco 10/17/2013
per favore la traduzione in italiano per syneisystem utilities? (it-it.ini)Grazie
User Icon Phm Tun Khanh 10/9/2013
Hi,I have translated Synei to VietnameseRegards
User Icon Ref 10/8/2013
Sure Federico, send us an e-mail. (:
User Icon Federico Barbanera 10/7/2013
If you want I could translate Synei System utilities in Italian
User Icon salih 10/6/2013
Turkish patch please
User Icon Mustafa 10/6/2013
turkish Tke yama
User Icon Heliot 10/6/2013
Envie d'essayer ce logiciel .
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