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User Guide for Synei products

Written by: Synei - 3/1/2013 in user-guide

How to use Synei Products

Even though we design our products to be as easy as possible to use, some people may still have a hard time understanding our products or have questions about a specific feature.

The good news is we offer complete step by step instruction on using our products.  We currently offer 3 ways of getting help for our products.

1. Open a product you need such as: Synei System Utilities. Then all you have to do is click on “Menu” -> “Help” -> “View Help.”

Please note that this feature is only available from Synei System Utilities v1.40 or higher.

2. You can also view the PDF version of the help file. If you would like the PDF version of the document, you may click on the link below to view it.

Please note that the PDF version maybe be outdated so we recommend you download the latest version of our products and view the help section from the Menu.

User Guide: Using Synei products

To view this guide, you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
If you do not have it installed, you may download it from their website.
Get Adobe Reader

3. After reading the help files, if you are still having problems. We strongly encourage you to ask us a question there.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Synei products.


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User Icon Steve Madden 1/5/2017
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User Icon Ref 8/12/2016
Hi Walter, We've sent you an email back regarding the confusing on update. You would basically need to download the program and re-install it using the updated version. Thanks
User Icon Walter Barthe III 8/8/2016
cannot update??????????
User Icon Ref 5/7/2014
Hey Juan, why don't you just backup the higher level folder? Then the backup manager will backup all sub-folders. If you have anymore questions just send us an email.
User Icon juan 5/6/2014
hello,im using the backup utillity, it's very good.thanks, i just have one question, is there any way to backup a folder and all its sub-folders by just selecting the higher level folder instead of selecting all sub-folders one by one?because smetimes it gets very hard to check all folders i need to back up.again, thanks!
User Icon Audie Aguirre 3/17/2014
System Utilities is a awesome program you have going for you. After using the free edition for about a week I decided I must purchase the Premere Edition. It really, really does make a significant difference in speed and performance. I just turned on Turbo Mode and WOW! What a great program to have on ones computer. And your giving it away at $19.99, its worth 4 times that amount for the tools it supplies. Many thanks.
User Icon Amy 1/16/2014
Very nice software!! It helps a lot. Thanks a lot - Amy
User Icon connie and ryan hutchins 11/1/2013
Thanks from RYAN HUTCHINS and My MOM CONNIE M HUTCHINS!!!.thank's.!!.
User Icon Thorsten Leutz 9/6/2013
gibt es den pcleaner auch in deutsch
User Icon Daan Piest 8/23/2013
Your software is the GREATEST!!!I fixed the speed of 2 of my computer with this.It's much faster now, thanks!
User Icon Ref 7/4/2013
Hello Larissa, that should never happen unless you specified to delete "Sample Pictures". Please go on "Contact US" and send us an e-mail with which folders disappeared and etc.
User Icon larissa 7/4/2013
Hello!I used the Synei Disk Cleaner and a folder of pictures disappeared. I wonder how to retrieve it.AttLarissa
User Icon Nikola Birovljev 6/9/2013
Da probamo
User Icon Ref 5/16/2013
Glad you like it Geroge! It only shows percentage when you run an analysis. After optimization, if you would like to see health status, you should run another analysis.
User Icon George Blaney 5/12/2013
I am using an HP laptop windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SPI Intel Core i5. I'm not sure if I have messed up the settings, but my Synei Systems Utilities does not show the computer health. All I have is ? mark and Optimization Completed. Is this normal or should it show a percentage of health? Please let me know. Apart from that I really like your product. Thank you, George.
User Icon willi 5/1/2013
simple - easy - fast - trustworthy - recommended to all my friends - Thanks Ref
User Icon Ref 4/17/2013
Hello Peter, we have just tested Rising PC Doctor and it seems more of a security software than an optimization one. We cant compare security because we dont focus on computer security (yet). As for optimization, ours is far superior. Our Disk Cleaner cleaned up 3 to 4 times more. They dont include Service Manager, Registry Tune up, and defragment like we do. Best of all, we include 1-click maintenance that does it all for you. Ours is also compatible with any other products such as Anti-viruses, Firewalls, and etc
User Icon Peter Pan 4/14/2013
I have been using a professional software (but now free) called Rising PC Doctor and I can tell you that is an awesome piece of software that one can use with either their own excellent Rising Internet Security (also now free)or any other anti-malware, anti-virus software and firewall software to completely "clean-up" your PC. How does your software compare with Rising PC Doctor in terms of festures and capabilities?
User Icon Mike stanley 4/12/2013
Great product
User Icon Ray Andrews 4/2/2013
Great program, nice easy interface, does the job very well
User Icon Ref 3/30/2013
Hello Polas!Thank you for your suggestion! We will add more and more features to our program so please don't worry about that (: our next version will have a "Deep Cleaning" option.Also, It only "Analyze" because you have "Analyze Only" checked. Please uncheck "Analyze Only" and it will do the cleaning.
User Icon polas 3/29/2013
It's really awesome and i like very much the program add more tools ;)nice what i found cleaner like ccleaner but cleaner do not clean so much.You software is clean more files awesome ;)Good job keep going on.
User Icon polas 3/29/2013
Hi again i downloaded your system utilities software but i found bug in win disk cleaner.when i try to clean temp files from disk it only analyzes but do not clean ;)I hope you will fix it.
User Icon polas 3/29/2013
Ok i will try it the best part that it is free ;)I like free awesome and good designed software.You need more tools to add like clean windows temp,windows internet tracks,remove spyware,scan and fix registry invalid entries in deep and more good products in one designed software and then eveybody would love it more and more.I hope it will help you if you are good at programming ;)
User Icon Derrick Ownen 3/28/2013
Great products and helpful guides, Thanks!
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