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Why do PCs slow down and how to fix them

Written by: Synei - 9/4/2013 in optimization

Why do PCs slow down and how to fix them


Do you ever wonder why your PC slows down or displays errors the more that you use it? I’ve seen brand new PCs slow down to the point it’s unusable within just a few years. Sadly, it is actually the most common PC problem in the world today. 

Most people believe their PC slows down due aging and their hardware components wearing out. This seems like a logical explanations because that is exactly what happens to other type of machines, such as cars. 


However the truth is, a PC’s hardware does not slow down. It will operate at exactly the same speed since the day you first bought it no matter how old it gets. 


The real culprit behind PC slowdown is within the operating system (OS) itself. The operating system is the main software that runs on your PC such as Windows XP, 7 or 8. The performance of OS degrades over time from regular PC use due to junk files building up, hard drive fragmentation, unneeded programs/services building up, Windows registry becoming bloated, memory leaks, and much more. Even doing simple things like surfing the web or installing/uninstalling new software can have an adverse effect on PC performance. If these problems are left unchecked, the lifespan and usability of your PC are greatly reduced. 


Luckily, there are several steps you can take to prevent and reverse these problems to bring your PC’s speed back to its as new condition. This is where software designed to maintain and optimize your PC comes in handy, such as PC Cleaner, and Defragmenter. Each of these software performs their own specific task to bring your PC’s health back to optimal status. For example, PC Cleaner’s task is to clean your PC and get rid of junk files, while Defragmenter’s task is reorganize files in your hard drive for faster access.


These software were built just so you wouldn’t need to upgrade or send your PC in for repair every few years due to performance issues. I’m sure none of us want to pay $500 for a new PC or over $100 for repairs when you can do it all yourself. 


One of the most cost effective and easiest way to resolve all these problem is to download and install Synei System Utilities. System Utilities has a built-in 1-Click Maintenance button that does over 10 different critical checks and repair tasks on your operating system. Within a click of a button, your PC’s health will be restored and optimized to maximum performance, so you can continue to enjoy your PC for many more years to come. 


Give it a try yourself, Download Synei System Utilities


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User Icon brunuelmateus 1/4/2016
quero uma boa otimização do meu PC
User Icon brunuelmateus 1/4/2016
quero uma boa otimização do meu PC
User Icon brunuelmateus 1/4/2016
quero uma boa otimização do meu PC
User Icon Arride PC Optimizer 11/28/2014
This is a good source to solve the pc slow problem easily and without spending a lot of money. I want to admire to the writer to share this information with us. Thanks
User Icon Ref 5/8/2014
We would like to say yes but everyone has their own taste. For example, our PC Cleaner can clean much more than tune up ever could. We have a portable edition so why not give it a try and see for yourself?
User Icon rod 4/2/2014
Why should I choose your product ? Is it more reliable than TuneUp for instance ?
User Icon Ref 3/26/2014
Most people spend a lot of money for computer repair, upgrades, and getting new ones. All of those could be solved completely with proper PC maintenance. Glad you see it from our point of view!
User Icon willi 3/23/2014
I agree and I'm always amazed how many people never care for the maintenance of their PC - hoch lebe Synei
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