Get Synei Premiere for free

A lot of people has requested us if there was any way they can get the premiere version for free. Such as InApp-Advertisements or similar. Well we don’t like ads and never will, so we’ve created a simple way. If you would like to get Premiere edition for free or at a big discount, all we ask is that you share it with others, such as your friends or family.

There are currently 2 ways for you to get Synei at a big discount or for free


1. Share it on Facebook or Twitter (30% discount)

  • Share our website on your primary Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Leave it on for AT LEAST 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, send us an email with your screenshot of the post.
  • We’ll send you the coupon code right away for 30% off any Synei products.
P.S. You must have at least 100 friends or followers on your Facebook/Twitter account.


2. Join our referral program (50% off - Free Lifetime)

  • Sign up for our referral program using your chosen referral code and email address below.
  • Share Synei System Utilities anywhere you want (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Etc.). Make sure you use our website link, not the actual .exe. Basically, share this link:
  • Have the users download and install the program on their computer.
  • After installing, let them know to open Synei System Utilities, and click on "Menu" -> "Help" -> "Enter Referral Code"
  • On the new window that pops up, have them enter your referral code.

If they complete the above step successfully, your Total Referred Count will go up by 1. The more users you referred, the bigger your discount will be. You may even be eligible to get Lifetime Premiere Edition for free.

The rewards are as follows:
5 Users -> 50% off discount from 1 year license.
10 Users -> Free 1 year license of Premiere edition.
15 Users -> Free lifetime license of Premiere edition.


Use the form below to sign up to our Referral Program. Please make sure to enter your valid Email address and your own unique referral code that you would like to use for this program. You'll need to remember both.

Referral Code Signup

Use the form below to check the status of your referral code. It will show you how many users you've referred and how much discount you qualify for. Then please email us with your Email and Code to receive your discount.

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