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Synei is a new privately owned software company founded in March 27, 2013. We are located in Hawaii but serving users internationally. Our applications can be downloaded globally for Microsoft Windows. We are dedicated to developing and publishing the best applications for your computer. Please visit our products section if you would like to learn more of what we currently offer and what is yet to come.

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Ewa Beach, Hi, 96706


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Synei offers a variety of vibrant applications to optimize and clean your computer to ensure your PC runs at maximum speed. Whether you are cleaning your computer files with Synei PC Cleaner, defragging your hard drive with Synei Defrag, tuning up your system with Synei TuneUP, or looking to have it automatically done for you with a push of a button by using the 1-Click Maintenance, we have it all for you! They are free of charge and designed to make your everyday tasks easier. We continually develop new software and updates, which will be posted on our news feed.

Our Team

We're dedicated to providing you with the best possible overall service by creating and maintaining our applications, updates, and news. Our key members have collaborated to make our products and company as universal as possible and to our consumers' liking.

Our development team consists of only the highest quality programmers and they are all Microsoft Certified. We take great care in making sure that our team members are working efficiently to create software that are safe and effective. We intensely beta test all our products to make sure they are bug free. We ensure our customer service center takes our customers seriously and professionally. Our primary goal at Synei is to make sure that we are solving your problems.