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Windows has a lot of unnecessary services enabled by default, which makes your computer much slower by taking away CPU resource, using up your RAM, and causing unneeded background activities on your computer. Some services are useful, but others are just resource hogs. This program can disable all of the unnecessary services so the performance of your computer improves dramatically.
    Detects and disables variety of unnecessary Windows services that tremendously slows down your computer speed. Fully optimizes your computer performance with only a click of a button. Reduces the amount of services that proceeds to occupy your RAM. Commences Windows to start up faster and efficiently.

Included with Synei System Utilities

Don’t want to install? Download the portable (.zip) edition.

Feature icon Overall Speed Boost
Your computer will perform much faster if it has fewer services running in the background and is not undertaking activities without your consent.

Feature icon Speeds up login time
You'll be able to login to your computer much faster and smoother because your computer will have less services to load.

Feature icon Don't want to install?
We offer both the installer and portable version. Portable version lets you run the program without even installing it. You could also take it with you and load it anywhere, like on a USB Drive.

Feature icon Frees up Memory (RAM)
Less services running in the background means more memory! The more memory your computer has, the faster it performs.

Feature icon Completely Safe
No harm will ever be caused to your computer. You can easily and safely revert back to windows default service settings.

Feature icon Absolutely FREE!
Synei Service Manager is and always will be 100% Free. If you really like it, we only ask one thing and that is to spread the word.

Service Manager

Synei Service Manager

Version: 1.90
Release Date: Octobe 16, 2016
Program Size: 2.1 MB

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Server (32/64 Bits)
10 MB Disk Space
128 MB or more RAM
.NET Framework 3.5


Version History

Version 1.16 (09/01/2013)
- Added "Google this service" function.
- Bug Fixes.

Version 1.12 (04/13/2013)
- Added "Hide Windows Service" function.
- Removed Security Center Service from being modified.

Version 1.1 (03/27/2013)
Initial Release

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