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The complete award winning care package for your PC! This program will clean up, speed up, maintain, secure, and repair your system to make your PC run like brand new.
    A click is all it takes to maximize your PC's speed. Optimizes a variety of applications including: system, internet, browsers, games, applications, and much more. Laptop users: Increases battery life! Less programs running in the background means more resources, speed, and battery life. Gamers: Reduces lag when playing games! Load games much quicker and smoother. Choose between the Absolutely Free or Premiere Edition.

Don’t want to install? Download the portable (.zip) edition.

Premiere Edition

$19/ 3 PCs

Save 50%
Regular Price: $39.99

System Requirement

Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10

10 MB Disk Space

128 MB or more RAM

.NET Framework 3.5

Completely speed up and secure your PC in 1 click. yes yes
Advanced System Optimization tactics to speed up your PC. yes yes
Ultimate Optimization to maximize your PC’s speed. yes
10+ built in FREE PC tools at your finger tips. yes yes
6+ Premiere PC tools to even further optimize your PC. yes
Use Turbo Mode to gain a huge speed boost yes
Deep Windows Registry cleaning to fix errors and speed up your PC. yes
Protect your privacy by cleaning sensitive information such as tracking cookies. yes yes
Minimal protection to keep you safe from the internet. yes yes
Block malicious attempts to steal your personal Data. yes
Advanced protection to keep you safe from online threats such as Spyware. yes
Premiere E-Mail Support yes
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What makes us better than the rest? Click on FAQS and find out.
Don't believe us? Try it out yourself or View our awards.

Optimization you can actually feel

Built precisely for maximum optimization. Compare with other optimization software and experience how our product makes your PC function much faster.

Safe and Effective Registry Cleaning

Unlike other aggressive registry cleaners which can cause more harm than good, our Registry Cleaner will only clean entries that are considered safe for removal.

Customize to your preference

It's highly customizable. Choose from multiple designed themes or create your own! Easily choose your desired settings to desired color.

You won't even notice it running

There are many similar programs out there that not only constantly nag you with annoying pop ups or advertisement, but they also use up huge amounts of background resource. You'll never get that from us; our programs are very light on resource and nag free.

Several Utilities on a simple interface

Whatever utility you need, it's always there, whether you need disk cleaning or back-up. Don't bog down your PC by installing several different utilities.

Threats/Spyware Protection

The moment you decide to browse the internet without any security, is the moment your PC will become infected with spyware and various other type of threats, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you safe from those as well.

Defrag your hard drives

Reorganizes files in your PC's hard drives, so the files are systematized, which helps your PC achieve tasks quicker.

Don't want to install? No problem!

We offer both the installer and portable version. Portable version lets you run the program without installation. You can also take it with you and load it from anywhere, such as on a USB Drive.

Award Winning Software

You don’t have to believe anything we say. However, you would believe the Internet Media, right? Head over to our awards section and see how many awards we have already won for creating a software that just works.

TuneUP Your System

Boosts your system and internet. It automatically modifies your registry settings for quality performance, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Turbo Mode gives you maximum performance

Turbo Mode dramatically increases your PC’s speed by temporarily suspending unnecessary services and processes.

Free or Paid? You choose!

Why pay over $40 for similar products that barely do what they claim? Our products are absolutely free for the people who want it to be or half the price for people who want to upgrade. Best of all, we stand behind what we claim.

System Utilities

Synei System Utilities

Version: 4.00
Release Date: October 13, 2016
Program Size: 7.3 MB

System Requirements

Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, or Server (32/64 Bits)
10 MB Disk Space
128 MB or more RAM
.NET Framework 3.5


Version History

Version 4.00 (10/13/2016)
- New tools in the "Tools" section
- Task Manager, Force Deleter
- Turbo Mode - ReApply every 30 min
- Deep Cleaner improvemets and "Big File Scanner" mode
- Update of other programs like PC Cleaner, etc.
- Update definition of all programs
- Introducing Referral Program
- Tons of stability improvements and bug fixes
- Much More!

Version 3.40 (10/21/2015)
- (3.45): Fixed PC Cleaner Deep Clean issue and added WinSXS Cleanup. - Much better compatibility with Windows 10
- PC Cleaner: Better detection and cleaning
- Service Manager: Windows 10 services added
- Service Manager: Better optimizations
- Startup Manager: Better detections of unwanted programs
- Other minor software updates
- Bug fixes
- Many more!

Version 3.00 (4/8/2015)
- Includes PC Cleaner v2.0
- Improved cleaning, optimizations, and security.
- Windows 8 users no longer needs to install .Net Framework 3.5
- Exciting new features/programs
- Interface updates
- Bug fixes
- Many more!

Version 2.25 (2/1/2015)
- Include updates for many programs such as PC Cleaner and Startup Manager.
The updates includes better performance and bug fixes.
- Updated definition of all the programs.
- Other Bug fixes + Stability improvements
- Can't seem to find much bugs anymore. If you encounter one, please let us know.

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What makes us better than the rest?
Some may wonder what makes System Utilities so great and better than the rest. The answer is plain and simple, it’s the QUALITY.

Our software is designed for QUALITY, unlike the competitors, which only focus on quantity. Any company can build 50+ useless tools and claim, “Our products include 50+ tools to speed up your PC”. What good are 50+ tools if they can’t do anything for you?

We focus a lot of time on each and every one of our tools for perfection. We don’t build a product just so we could include it in our tools. Instead, we build it so you can actually use it. For example, our competitors' system tune-up software includes only a basic PC Cleaner whereas the PC Cleaner we include is much more superior to even the leading ones.

Do we have to pay for System Utilities?
There are currently two versions available to download - The free version and the Premiere version.
You do not have to pay to use the free version, however, it has limited features and the
optimization will not be as great as the premiere edition.

Why is there a picture of a bird on the top right side of System Utilities?
Everybody loves birds. (:

You may Contact Us if you have any further questions or concerns.